Curriculum Overviews

Our over-arching Intent: 

  • To provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which helps children acquire the knowledge and skills to fully prepare them for the next stage of their education and their later life;
  • To provide first hand experiences which develop natural curiosity and a love of learning;
  • To provide experiences and opportunities which ensures our children develop as confident, responsible citizens;
  • To broaden pupils’ horizons through a range of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural opportunities which help to celebrate diversity;
  • To develop a sense of character and resilience so that pupils overcome the challenges they may encounter in later life.

Whether it’s pretending to be an Astronaut in Reception, delving into the depths of Africa in Year 2, walking like an Egyptian in Year 4, or visiting our capital city when discovering all things British in Year 6, our Green Gates curriculum promises to engage and motivate every one of our pupils. At Green Gates, we aim to provide a relevant and interesting curriculum, which develops the whole child and helps to create a love and passion for learning. We have high expectations of children academically, whilst also understanding that their social, emotional, physical and spiritual development are just as important if they are to live happy and fulfilling lives.

At Green Gates, our curriculum offer is second to none. Staff have developed a tailor made curriculum, which follows the National Curriculum, but is also relevant to our children and the community in which we live. The curriculum is progressive and builds on the pupils’ knowledge and skills as they move through school. We continually review the curriculum to ensure we are providing the very best education for each and every child.

We firmly believe that memorable experiences, creative stimuli and intriguing hooks can motivate and inspire our pupils. Therefore, each topic begins with a ‘Hook Day’ where the children may experience a visitor or a trip out to help inspire a love of learning and get their learning off to an exciting start. To end our topics, each year group showcases their learning journey. This showcase can take many forms: a play, songs, discussions, workshops; and families are invited in so that our children can share their learning journey. 

We are incredibly proud of our newly written curriculum contexts which have been developed specifically for our children. Take a look at them…

Mighty Redcar Y1
Toys Y1
Florence Nightingale Y1
Africa Y2
Fire, Fire Y2
Famous Y2
Stone Age Y3
Ancient Greece Y3
Rainforests Y3
Romans Y4
Active Planet Y4
Egypt Y4
Maya Y5
Saxons and Vikings Y5
North America Y5
Our Planet Y6
Monarchy Y6
Industrial Revolution Y6

Our subject pages include more detail for each of our subjects. If you require any further information about the school’s curriculum, please contact the Headteacher, Mrs Katie Lowe on 01642 485463.