Inclusion Quality Mark and Centre of Excellence

In July 2023, following a days’ assessment, the school achieved both its Inclusion Quality Mark and recognition as a Centre of Excellence for Inclusion.

This was a rigorous process which involved the assessor gathering a range of evidence from different sources, including staff, governors, children and parents speaking to the assessor and demonstrating the inclusive nature of Green Gates Primary School.

This accolade was awarded by “Inclusion Quality Mark”,  a body which recognises schools who demonstrate outstanding inclusion , promoting equal opportunities for all pupils, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, attainment and background. The award demonstrates that at Green Gates Primary School, every child, parent/carer, member of staff and all our partners are working to support each other and ensure that everyone can reach and exceed their potential. It also celebrates the work we do in the community and recognises that we have to work together in order to achieve success.

Becoming a Centre of Excellence is an opportunity for schools to build on the success of being one of the very special schools which holds the Inclusion Quality Mark award. A Centre of Excellence brings schools together to share and build on their existing good practice in inclusion best practice.

Child here : Green Gates Primary School –  to access a copy of our report.