Mental Health and Wellbeing

Here at Green Gates Primary, we value the Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health of all our students and staff.


Green Gates Primary School has been awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools, highlighting the excellent pastoral care offered to pupils and staff at the School.

Provided by Optimus Education, the Wellbeing Award for Schools recognises the work that we do in supporting the wellbeing of the school community and in promoting the understanding about mental health issues to reduce the stigma surrounding them in wider society.

The award, developed in partnership with the National Children’s Bureau (NCB), focuses on ensuring that effective practices and provisions are in place to support and promote emotional wellbeing and mental health. The aim is to change the long-term culture of schools, embedding an ethos where mental health is regarded as the responsibility of all.

The report noted that the commitment to children and young people helps them to thrive; that staff, parents and pupils’ are open to discussing mental health; and that every child is treated as an individual.

In gaining the award, Green Gates Primary School is demonstrating the commitment to:

  • Promoting mental health as part of school life
  • Improving the emotional wellbeing of their staff and pupils
  • Ensuring mental health problems are identified early and appropriate support provided
  • Offering provision and interventions that matches the needs of its pupils and staff
  • Engaging the whole-school community in the importance of mental health awareness
  • Capturing the views of parents, pupils and teachers on mental health issue


We are delighted to be part of Headstart. This is a pupil mental health champion initiative which has been really successful in Middlesbrough with over 800 primary, secondary and college pupils being trained. As well as working in our own school Headstart brings the champions from others together to share good practice and undertake workshops. The HeadStarters are an army of children who are trained through an education programme. The intention is to build confidence and increase their knowledge and skills to be able to recognise how to maintain good mental health and emotional wellbeing . Once the initial cohort of pupils has been trained we will be provided with the resources to continue the good work.For more information see:

We provide a wealth of pastoral support in school for pupils including Time 4 You counselling, ELSA support and Inside Out.


The InsideOut Team is the Middlesbrough and Redcar Mental Health Support Team. They work with and in schools, supporting children and young people experiencing mild to moderate  mental health issues, through the whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing. Please click here for more information – Info for schools


Time 4 You work in a number of schools and other settings to improve the emotional wellbeing of children, young people and their families. Their team consists of professionally qualified, trained and clinically supervised counsellors. Please click here for more information – Info for schools.

Within Redcar and Cleveland, there are a number of places which can support both parents’ and children’s mental health. Follow this link to find out more – Mental Health Services | Redcar & Cleveland: Information Directory (