Playground Buddies

Our playground buddy scheme plays an important part in creating a safe, friendly, happy and peaceful atmosphere for children during lunchtimes.

Who are they

Playground Buddies are a group of Year 5 pupils who applied for the position, were interviewed and selected. The buddies have also received training to help them fulfil their role. The buddies really enjoy their responsibilities, and not only do they make the playground a happy place for all the children, they offer a great help to the staff on duty at lunchtime.

What is their role?

The Buddies have made playtimes and lunchtimes incredibly fun. They have worked hard to develop different zones and are responsible for setting up and managing the zones. Alongside this, they also have the responsibility:

  • To help all children to play cooperatively with each other
  • To help children resolve minor conflicts
  • Teach children to play games
  • To be a good listener when another child would like to talk
  • Help lonely children make more friends
  • Report any unkind things you see to an adult
  • Be available as a friend to all of the other children

How do you spot them?

There are playground buddies on the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds. They are the children wearing the blue jackets and caps.

Just look at how much fun we have…