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Staffing for 2020-21

Everyone who works at Green Gates Primary School is dedicated to providing the best possible education for our children. Staff work together as a team to create a school where children really do come first. Mrs K Lowe - Headteacher Mrs C Roberts - Deputy Head Teacher


Mrs R Fellows - Team Leader and Reception Class Teacher Miss H Dougall - Reception Class Teacher Mrs D Byrne - Reception Teaching Assistant Miss A Bajrami - Reception Teaching Assistant Miss N Booth - Nursery Class teacher Mrs R Robertson - Nursery Teaching Assistant Mrs P Rennard - Nursery Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 1 Team

Mrs C Roberts - Team Leader and Year 2 Class Teacher Miss E Guy - Year 2 Class Teacher Mrs M Thompson - Year 2 Teaching Assistant Miss E Welsh - Year 1 Class Teacher Mrs J Williams - Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 2 Team 

Miss L O'Hagan - Team Leader and Year 6 Class Teacher Mr N Dales - Year 6 Class Teacher Mr J Nicholson - Year 6 Teaching Assistant Miss A Broome - Year 6 Teaching Assistant Mr M Kinnair - Year 5 Class Teacher Mrs K Stone - Year 5 Class Teacher Miss E Tierney - Year 4 Class Teacher Miss S Boyd - Year 4 Teaching Assistant Mr B Turnbull - Year 4 Teaching Assistant Miss S Hoggart - Year 3 Class Teacher Miss M Russell - Year 3 Class Teacher Miss Y Boggett - Year 3 Teaching Assistant Mrs M Depledge - Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Additional Staff 

Ms M Dowson - Pastoral Co-Ordinator Mrs C Barwell - School Business Manager Mrs E Jackson - Attendance Officer Mr P Richardson - Site Supervisor Mr S Snee - School Cook Mrs M Elston - Lunchtime Supervisor Miss H Jones - Lunchtime Supervisor

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