Learning in EYFS

A visit to our Early Years area of school is truly magical! 

Our Early Years area of school is full of fun; has exciting experiences and a shower of sparkle!

We firmly believe our children learn best when they are inquisitive and eager to explore. We aim to provide our children with an immersive environment where their imaginations can be ignited.

Children at this age learn best through play which gives them opportunities to: challenge themselves, problem solve, work together and learn to lead in an environment that promotes positive communication, and enables our children to express ideas, imagine, laugh and have fun.

Our extremely dedicated team offer a nurturing approach whereby every child achieves their full potential.

At Green Gates, our planning has a sharp focus on the children’s needs, interests and stages of development in order to meet their next steps in learning. We recognise that the areas of learning cannot be delivered in isolation and seek opportunities to make links between them.

We aim to deliver the curriculum through planned, purposeful play and present new concepts in meaningful contexts that enable the children to build on what they already know. Through child-led play, every day is different and every day is an adventure. The children’s high levels of involvement mean that they are intrinsically motivated and their play is purposeful.

So what do the children learn? 

In Nursery, the children follow story based planning. Throughout the year, they will be introduced to 6 well known stories and take part in lots of exciting learning linked to these stories. A new story begins each half term.

In Reception, our pupils are introduced to a new topic each term. These topics are highly engaging and provide the children with opportunities to develop their interests and vocabulary acquisition. The three topic overviews can be found below.