Mini Police

Green Gates Primary School pupils graduate as Mini Police

Ten year five students from Green Gates Primary School in Redcar have completed Cleveland Mini Police’s engagement scheme.

The Cleveland Mini Police scheme works with 9–11-year-olds in schools to promote positive diversion from crime and antisocial behaviour, building honesty and trust and giving young people a better understanding of policing by encouraging active participation in local community engagement events.

The students took part in six weeks of training and created their own presentations before they were awarded their certificates in a ceremony last month.

Now they have become official Mini Police Members, the children become positive role models for the school and can take part in events such as community litter picks and remembrance parades.

Headteacher at Green Gates Primary School Mrs Lowe said: “We’ve completed the Mini Police programme for several years now, each year the children commit to it. It helps to teach them about things such as antisocial behaviour, but it also helps improve their confidence and to understand what a difference they can make as an active citizen.

“When we see the children’s confidence grow, their understanding grow, they bring those skills back into the classroom and back into the school so the children are very proud to be Mini Police and they wear their uniforms on the playground at playtimes and lunchtimes, and they take that responsibility very, very seriously.”

Force Control Room Superintendent Cath Galloway said: “Students from within the school from year five have been coached over the last six weeks to be Mini Police officers.

“They have tried on the uniform, they’ve seen the vehicles that we drive, they’ve been out in the community delivering letters, and I had the absolute pleasure to give each and every one of them a certificate for completing the course and being Green Gates’ very own Mini Police.”